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Buying a metro ticket in Paris – Greg Jeanneau - Freelance UX Designer


Buying a metro ticket in Paris

Paris is beautiful, but when it comes to riding the metro, the city of Love does not seem so charming anymore.

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Easing the process of moving places

Moving is an exciting new step in people’s lives but it is spoiled by many obstacles: overwhelming paperwork, financial stress, careless movers, etc. 

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Helping people learn with Koober – UX Case Study


Helping people to be
life-long learners

Learning is traditionally thought to be the domain of youths. Once inside the professional line, people hardly find time to learn in their free time.

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Food traceability – UX Design Experiment


Behind the scenes of shopping. An experiment.

Food traceability is on the rise, technologies like IoT and Blockchain bring exciting possibilities.

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2nd Prize

Hackathon: redesigning the experience of personalized orders

jury's favorite PRIZE

Innovation Contest: creating a platform for entrepreneurs


24h Innovation Contest: helping people to build sustainable habits

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Greg demonstrated the qualities of a talented product designer through his analytical, pedagogic and creativity skills.

He knows how to articulate Product Strategy and works alongside development teams in order to ensure quality and rapid execution.

He masters Agile environments and workflows. His curiosity and commitment make him a co-worker capable of adapting quickly to any environment.

Delphine Ledue
Head of Strategic Design — NUMA



Personal challenge: I took 1 photo per day for 100 days

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My story and experience

I have been looking at the world from a UX perspective since I was a kid, I just did not know there was a name for it.

Greg Jeanneau – Freelance UX Designer


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